Jordan’s presence is golden. He faces life from that messy hair, the full lips, the fierce gaze. And then come the cheekbones, the eyebrows, the jaw, all with youth, with the sun, with a vibe reminiscent of a ‘90s actor, a charm that he seems to exude naturally from his Byron Bay beach upgrowing and a nomad sense of living. Born in Australia in 1996, he is now challenging the fashion industry, constantly producing strong images, covers and campaigns – Moschino, Tom Ford, Versace, Calvin Klein. This year, the fashion weeks – too – are focused on him and he is walking every one of them. Jordan stands up for himself as a household name and only by picturing him sailing on a boat, under the light, glowing with a manly yet childish charisma, you cannot but understand why everyone is drawn towards him – and why everyone is smiling when being next to him. He is getting it all: he has the hunger for learning, he will learn it all. And in the meantime, taking photos keeps his mind busy, as does acting, and the Dicaprio – Phoenix – Law allure is there to be seen, to be sensed, to be captured on covers such as this by Mariano Vivanco, shot in London while live streaming on Instagram. Jordan gets the picture as fast as he moves around this world – quickly yet joyfully. And he won’t stop.

“I’m interested in everything and I’m curious. And if that’s ambitious, then yes I am.”

This issue is about PANGEA, what the Earth was before splitting into continents and cultures,and what the Earth is becoming now that geographical and emotional boundaries are fading away. You keep moving all the time, you are known worldwide, your work gets to be seen everywhere. Do you consider yourself a Pangea kid, being raised in this multicultural world of ours?

Absolutely. Anyone who spends enough time jumping between countries in such small periods of time will agree with me when I say the world does feel like one supercontinent or PANGEA. Experiencing the contrast in cultures in such a small amount of time is surreal. It can mess with you a little, so you really have to be in the right headspace.

Modelling is very related to this nomadic and constantly changing flux of information. Have you ever felt this yourself? Is this more positive than negative?

The constant change in locations is stimulating. I love it. But you are right, there is a large part of me that can relate to this nomad you speak of.I personally see it as very positive – how can one look at a flux of information as a negative?

Your modelling career is unstoppably rising. You have worked for worldwide top brands and photographers. Work wise, did you have a dream that has already become a reality?

Well, it has been an incredible experience so far. I have learned a lot about the industry in a very small amount of time. I’ve been really lucky with the opportunities that come from doing what I’m doing, and all the doors that it opens.

Any dreams or expectation yet to come?

I should keep working on making them reality before I talk about them. I’ve always been interested in film and taking photos, and I would like to pursue that more and more – I have the opportunity to learn so much every day. Speaking with my agent the other day, thinking this year I just want to learn as many things as I can and put it to use. I have the luck to be surrounded by the most interesting creatives, mad people, almost every day – a few of them that I consider close friends now.  They inspire me constantly.

How does popularity make you feel? You are on the cover of magazines, present on social media and you seem have an allure that draws people towards you.

I don’t think that is a question I can answer subjectively. How people view me is entirely up to them.

Can you recall a special moment or achievement of yours that made you think ‘this is happening’.

In all honesty it is happening right now. This cover was an achievement.

You have already stated that you want to do everything in the industry. You want it all. Do you consider yourself ambitious?

I’m interested in everything and I’m curious. And if that’s ambitious, then yes.

And what if you actually were to have it all?

What is ‘all’? There will always be more, but I don’t think it is possible for someone to have all of it.

You inevitably make people think about those ‘90s actors such as Leo and River: teenage, charming beauties. Somehow there’s the expectation of you turning to acting. Is that an option for you?

I get a lot of my inspiration from these guys, and movies such as Basketball Diaries, The Beach and Romeo & Juliet. These are some of my favourite films. I also really admire what I think River was about, everything from his style to his hard working but laid back approach. Acting is something I’m very interested in and spend a lot of time pursuing.

You always seem to be taking the coast and the sun with you.

Thank you… Assuming this a compliment on my sunny disposition? Ha! I grew up on the beach.

You are constantly moving, the world is constantly moving. Everything is so fast. Where do you think the universe is heading? Can you think of an ideal future, say robots, or green and local societies?

Ecology is flow, you and I are a part of it, everything we do affects the flow.  I would say green is the solution.

You’re currently supporting the Elephant Crisis Fund on your Instagram, and you seem to be very nature aware. Why this specific cause with elephants?

Yes, I am happily doing it. When I spoke to Doutzen Kroes about her work with the Elephant Crisis Fund and she was launching the platform KnotOnMyPlanet, I wanted to be involved straight away and I realised I now have the chance to raise awareness and hopefully impact for change. So go over to, use your parents’ credit cards and help.

How would you change this planet – and how do you think you could make it?

With a glorious revolution.

What are you afraid of – if you are?

My manager sometimes… (laughs) Uhm, what is coming next for me.

It’s been a long day, working morning, noon, afternoon and you get to have some time for yourself. Spare time for Jordan means…

Trying to set up my New York apartment and turn it into a jungle. Otherwise a guy in the West Village is teaching me guitar.

You are a character in a movie. Who are you, what are you wearing and what is your catch phrase?

Catch Me If You Can is the film, I am dressed like the guys from The Talented Mr Ripley. No catch phrase.

This cover was shot in London by Mariano Vivanco, while being streamed live on Instagram. Can you explain a little bit about how it was from your point of view?

I was working with Mariano for the first time, and it was fast paced and heavily documented. This shoot felt different though, we were shooting and live streaming. The images were selected instantly and the cover was released when we wrapped.

Who is the last person you’ve learned something from? What was it?

Bob Crackower – my acting coach in New York. He’s a genius, a master at understanding people and loads of different situations.

Who is the last person you’ve taught something? What was it?

I wish I could teach people more but I’m still learning myself!

What is going to happen for Jordan now?

Sleep… zzzz. I am flying to Venice at 7am.

And out of curiosity, you have some interesting tattoos, I guess consisting of experiences and expectations. Let’s say Gypsy or Monica Lewinski. I always thought the Lewinski one was very funny. Could you explain them to us?

It’s a secret.

You have travelled all around the globe, and there are still some places to visit. But, what is the most magic place you have been to and the most magical experience you have ever lived?

Oh, that is a hard one. I mean for me the travelling is an incredible part of what I do. It’s all I really ever wanted to do when I was younger. And by submerging myself in the culture of what were unknown destinations, I think I learned a lot about myself.


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